Thursday, February 23, 2012


Our living room. Just keeping it real. Yes, you spot:
  • New clothes
  • Unfolded clean clothes
  • Ironing Board and Iron
  • Picture ledge, taken down from the master bedroom wall
  • Rouge pillows
  • Single socks, pairs unknown and
  • An iPhone - one of two lurking around this house
But what you also see... the rug. Huynh bought this rug from BB&B when he moved in and while we liked it fine, we didn't like that Gatsby's hair showed, Gatsby's bone residue stained, it was a tad too small, and it was, well, old. We get tired of things around here. It was time for a change.

So it was out with the old, in with the new! I love our floors but, we know that we spend so much time here on the couch and floor that a rug was a necessity.

Isn't she a beauty? We always thought that we were going to do shag; we actually had it in our basket. But when we walked by this rug, we both stopped and quickly changed our minds. This rug is the perfect size, has all the colors of our house, is comfy underfoot, and, most importantly, is a light neutral. It has already won Gatsby's seal of approval.

So, would you believe it if we told you it came from IKEA? Us either. It's not even online yet (and, truth be told, it was a rather un-IKEA price). We are rather excited about our snag; though as of late, it has been buried under wood and remodel. More pictures to come when the room looks like a living room again and not a tool shop. I'm off to make rug angels.

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