Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kings and Queens

We are debating making the jump. We currently are rather snugly in our queen bed... at least I thought so. The problem: I am a hard sleeper, don't hear thing. Huynh is a super light sleeper, probably even wakes up to the sound of traffic on I-10. And we live about 15 miles from it.

So what ends up happening is I unknowingly take up well over half of the bed subconsciously seeking out heat while Huynh is wide awake wishing he had more space. Hence the need for something bigger. Enter the king sized bed.

Obviously, our first place to look was West Elm for something low and chunky and Huynh came across this one. I love it and have big plans - that may (and probably will) include a tufted headboard, IKEA hack, and a new chair. Time to get cozy.

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