Friday, February 24, 2012

225 days

I don't think I will ever become addicted to Pinterest. Work blocks the site and since I spend 9 hours a day on the computer up here, the last thing I really want to do is get home and spend even more time staring at the screen. Work blocks "time wasters" so by good measure, Pinterest was blocked almost immediately and it's just not the same on the phone. However, what work hasn't blocked yet is etsy.

Oh lovely, time waster, black hole of creativity, etsy.

I find myself losing hours to etsy... and this print made me laugh out loud. I was actually perusing the store looking at this print because, you see, we need something here:

It's barren and empty and I figure it needs something simple, substantial, and neutral - as to not compete with the rug. The lovely, so comfy under the feet, rug.

Yup, still love it.

This weekend is more house work. 225 days until we become Mr. and Mrs. Yay :).

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