Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!

We shopped Friday.

And I don't mean like a little here and there, I mean our feet hurt, we were gone all day, and could barely fit everything in our car, shopped. Huynh even ended up with a new suit (among a vast array of other clothing options). I picked up the Ping-Pong tank at Anthropologie and think I will also be hitting up Ann Taylor Loft later. We nourished ourselves with Freebirds before heading to Nordstorm's Rack for a new pair of tennis shoes - thinking they will be perfect for Disney World! I just tried to find them online and there are too many options to look through but I think they are the trail rated ones? Perhaps?

Huynh made fried rice for dinner and Gatsby begged. The usual.

Our stationery arrived and I love it! We got it when Wedding Paper Divas was having a sale. I was very specific on what I wanted: monogram, navy, flat card, doesn't force you to use last name - I wanted to be able to use them after we got married too - and high quality paper stock. Fits the bill. We hit up Home Depot for some goods, more on that later. Let's just say we are exhausted from all the painting and working on the house! Gatsby even helped and yes, that's a 30-lb weight keeping him in the front yard. Whatever works, right?

We treated ourselves to the Rockets game in the suite last night. We won! Happy Monday.

Fun presidental facts: Weather permitting, John Quincy Adams swam nude in the Potomac River every day. Rutherford B. Hayes was the first US president to use a phone at the White House. Alexander Graham Bell personally showed him how to use it and his phone number was 1. Eight presidents never went to college; another eight were born British. Obama is our 44th president but actually there have only been 43 presidents; Cleveland was elected for two nonconsecutive terms and is counted twice (as our 22nd and 24th). Don't say I never taught you anything :).

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