Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bedroom thoughts

I'm a weird sleeper. It takes me forever to actually get to sleep - I've been known to play games on my phone until way late, but that's only when I have completely exhausted all of my google reader posts and news articles - but then, once I'm actually asleep, I am knocked out until the alarm.

Huynh on the other hand is snoring before his head hits the pillow. I envy him. He has the ability to still his mind at such speeds that I haven't even started to think about closing my eyes before he has done it and reaped the benefits of blissful slumber leaving me to to daydream about having the ability to do such a thing.

Orrr I just daydream about redecorating our bedroom.

{tasha; throw pillow}

{brunschwig & fils; upholstered chair}

{west elm; duvet}

{west elm; euro shams}

{grey line linen; headboard}
Drapery? Still haven't decided. Other pillows? Figure I need to get the room assembled first. Of course, we also have alternate bedding. I'm thinking for that, we will need a throw pillow in this fabric while maintaining the rest of the color story. I'm excited. Let's get this started.

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