Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pop locking

I guess I should title this post "door knob love that turned to woe that has turned back to love" but I figured that was too long of a post title, dontcha think?

When we first painted the door red, I took the opportunity to also paint the hardware. At the time, all we knew was that we didn't like the brass hardware and that we had oil-rubbed bronze paint on hand so why not try a spray job? We figured that if it ended horribly, we could always toss it out and get a new knob.

Five months later, it ended horribly. 

Not only did the paint chip where the key entered, it also just plain fell off every where else. Not quite the "welcome to our home" look we desired.

So we bit the bullet this weekend and got brand new locks. They are rather hefty to lock and unlock and just look so much more spanking pretty.

I love when quick fixes spruce up your home two fold. Happy hump day.

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