Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend, recap

I'm embarrassed to admit how little we actually did this weekend... we were wonderfully lazy. We did manage to begin to move the office back in the room and Huynh did work on the garage a bit but for the most part, we lounged on the couch watching Brothers and Sisters episodes while sporadically napping. Fabulous.

We did, however, have the best wine and cheese night - chipotle Gouda, 3-pepper Colby jack, muenster, and Gruyere paired with a granny smith apple. It was so delicious. I also grabbed us some green juice from H.E.B. - we'll see how it tastes! We ordered a team bucket of sunflower seeds from Amazon that got here on Friday for the out-of-town bags and Huynh was in heaven (it's a huge bucket). He is only allowed to have 20 bags out of the 60 so we shall see how much self control he has when it comes time to put together the bags ha! Happy Monday!

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