Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend, recap

I am a firm believer that a future husband who cooks rice topped with steak and eggs and served with a side of cucumber is a keeper as evidenced this weekend. We both moaned after devouring this meal, rubbed our very full bellies, and tried to roll ourselves off the couch to have a more productive weekend and well, failed. Huynh was supposed to head to Ft. Worth but instead ended up coming down with a head cold that put him in bed most nights before 9 and left me to my own vices (i.e. wine with Gatsby while watching more episodes of Brothers and Sisters than I care to admit to). I didn't mind though - sometimes doing nothing is just what you need. Barnes and Noble is yet again trying to get me in trouble by creating an entire display dedicated to our honeymoon; I resisted but instead came home with this and this which are perfect for the plane (we have nearly completed this one). Huynh took me to Chuy's last night which gave me an excuse to dart over to Central Market to grab some salmon for tonight's dinner. I am such a sucker for the Chuy's Special. Yum. We also started getting some things together for Disney World - I grabbed some Nike Dri-Fit shirts and paired with these shorts, I realized I will be a beacon visible for miles. At least they will always know where I am!  Haaaa.

P.S. I did publish the wedding website! I have included a new link in the sidebar. Check it out in all its glory.

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