Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend, recap

Gatsby and I had such a good weekend!! And yes, we are still waiting on Huynh to wake up to ask him about his (ha!)... to be fair, his flight was delayed five+ hours and he finally got home last night a little before 4am! He's exhausted. But back to us: it's always so relaxing to head to Wichita Falls for the weekend. We slept in both mornings, had delicious home cooked meals, and even squeezed in some shopping. Gatsby even made for a good travel buddy with all of his napping mixed with general excitement. 

I ordered some Disney World survival goodies on Amazon which arrived on Friday at which point I realized I bought enough Wet Ones to disinfect the entire park. At least we will be clean!! I also grabbed a bench and vanity table off of Craigslist and have big plans for them as well... they just need to dry out a tad before I get started. 

Lindsey sent me a Godmother's Day card complete with artwork: it's us playing Busy Town, can't you tell? :). She's the best. I'm meeting her Mom for lunch today at the new Athleta store - I'm hoping to find a swim suit eek! Happy Monday!

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