Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wrapping Paper Station

Yup, we have a wicked problem. I hoard wrapping paper like it's going extinct - so I knew there was something that needed to be done. In the past, when a gift needed to be wrapped, we would have to haul out this box of paper - which, mind you, is completely falling apart - and the bag of ribbon from the back pits of the coat closet. We would have to scramble around to find a good pair of scissors and pen along with tape from the kitchen all the while hoping that the pen would work and that we had enough of the seasonal paper.

Definitely not ideal.

In the process of revamping the office, we had a dead space behind the door that we knew would just be perfect! After a quick trip to IKEA for the two baskets and Bed, Bath, and Beyond for the curtain rods, it took Huynh a couple of hours of leveling and screwing before we had the perfect little wrapping paper organizer! Yippee!

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