Thursday, June 28, 2012

Woe is Me (Huynh)

Though it seems we have a pretty happy life, there are woes to be mentioned. One of the main reasons for our blog is to write about all the DIY projects that we have done, most of which are done to our house. And just when it seems like there's progress we come across setbacks like these:

So... reasons why we haven't been posting more of our DIYs? We (ahem...Huynh) are spending the other half of the time fixing disasters like the aforementioned.

And the culprit is this little devil:

Just joshing...This is just a shameful plug of our stinkin' cute nephew. The real culprit is our all too familiar, separation anxiety inflicted beagle, Gatsby!  As much as we love him... Man he's a handful!

Maybe we will start adding those repairs to the blog as an FYI for others because we know we had to google some of them.

What repairs have you made lately?!?

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