Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disney World // What We Carried

The day has arrived! Let the Miller family vacation commence (though, to be fair, the rest of the family started on Saturday). But alas, Huynh and I are currently heading to the airport to catch our flight headed straight to Orlando to partake in a magical vacation at Disney World. I have never been; Huynh has been once - but what has surprised me the most was how much research is required to make such a vacation even more amazing than imagined.

I'm going to come right out and say it: Disney World is a Type-A person's dream. Sure, the lines are long, it's as hot as Hades, and children run amok as if parents don't exist in their enchanting paradise, but really. The amount of planning that went into this vacation is truly out of control. There are phone apps, countless books, and even more websites dedicated to making the most out of your $100 ticket to fairy tales.

The icing on top of our Miller family vacation is the Excel workbook containing multiple worksheets filled with reservation numbers, flight information, and places to visit on our week long joy ride. It was a labor of love nurtured by my sister and helped along by the rest of us who did little parts here and there to help make this trip as wonderful as possible. I ended up researching for days what should and shouldn't be carried with you as you bounce from park to park and ride to ride while avoiding your hotel room for as long as possible. my goal was to maximize items, minimize weight, and distribute items appropriately to both the hubby (or soon to be) and wife.

I just hope our mister fans are strong enough.

In my Vera Bradley mini-hipster: anti-bacterial hand gel, bandaids, camera, cash, cell phone, chap stick, facial towelettes, gum, kleenex, mister fan, pony tail holder (crucial), sharpie (to label drinks), and sunglasses.

In Huynh's Eddie Bauer sling pack: altoids, cash, cell phone, extra AA batteries (for the fans!), hat, mister fan, pain medicine, rain poncho, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, and wet wipes.

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