Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend, recap

An instragram dump today (along with a bonus vacation picture!) to start off this Monday morning. We had a busy weekend without being too stuffy - starting Friday with work, then basketball, and wedding invite assembly. Saturday while Huynh golfed, I headed back into work then off to IKEA where I bought 30+ Tolsby frames for the reception. After a coat of navy paint, they will be ready for table numbers and signs throughout the party! I was interrupted so many times while counting the frames that I know I bought at least 28 plus about 8 for good measure (we need at least 33). I was rushing to meet Pam and Meagan at the Galleria so I grabbed a pizza and a coke on my way to my car with all of that wedding swag. That night, Huynh and I drove over to Branch Water Tavern for a little date night - the English Pea Veloute was to die for! We cuddled on the couch watching hockey and basketball until we finally nodded off.

Sunday, we were greeted with an iPhone snap shot from Disney World - we cannot wait to be there! - while we went into total wedding mode: we finished the photobooth props, assembled the invitations, wrote thank you notes, and cleaned up the wedding room/office. We also did house chores and packed (all while watching Rent). It was hard waking up this morning to say the least.

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