Wednesday, May 7, 2014

♪ ♫ Summer, Summer, Summer.. Tiiiiime ♫ ♪

Anyone recognize that song? Are we showing our age? and your age? Yes, old school Will Smith! And that's the theme of today's post

It's been about 4 months now since we've last posted and the reason being?.?.?... this guy:

{easter bunny}

Naturally, we have been devoting a lot of time to this handsome devil. Not to say that we haven't had projects around the house, but we've prioritized time spent.  

So, the last post was about the upstairs bathrooms.  We were glad to get them done in time to host Christmas for about 17 people.  They still need some TLC, caulking clean-up, window sill paint, and of course, decors of more vibrant colors to offset the white and grey bathroom base colors.  We've added some furniture to the master bedroom as well as some window treatment - some things to make if feel like an adult bedroom.  The mauve-ish walls were repainted to a 25% lighter Grey Owl.  The brown carpet remains until we decide to update the wood floors for the downstairs floor. It's coming along!

Now back to the theme.  In Texas, summer comes a little early, to where Spring was just a  passing two weeks at best.  And so, what we've moved up to the top of our priorities list, are the front and back yards. And for us to work on either one, we would need a place to rest during our sweaty breaks.  Hence comes this project:


{beer me}

This will be perfect place for our summer yardwork breaks.  I'm working on sanding all the previous grey stain down and re-staining it a red mahogany color.  And since this will also be our entertaining table (off of Craigslist for $25), I've decided to cut out the middle plank to put in some drink troughs.  The planters have holes drilled into them with stoppers to prevent a wet floor while guests are at the table.  The troughs will be recessed underneath so the planks will still lay atop for table space.  I'm hoping to get this done before Mother's Day weekend.  Can this pass as my Mother's Day gift? Of course not! Give me more credit than that!

But it'll help.....

Hope your Summer is off to a good start!  What do you have planned?

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