Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Do Not Stray!

Am I bouncing back and forth? ok ok... Let's stick to the backyard. Remember that picnic table that I sanded down? Well, consider it done. I stained the table top and seats a Red Mahogany and spray painted the legs a Navy Blue, per wife's instruction.

{blue moon}


This is a picture of the picnic table after a light shower. We liked how the Red Mahogany showed up a little darker, so I applied another coat of stain, let it dry and sprayed a light Rust-o-leum Lacquer on it.

{accidentally in love}

And since the showers have subsided for a bit, I pulled the Big Green Egg table out and set it where it needed to be. But with this Texas heat I'm going to need a cover for the grill table too, so the BGE doesn't fade and the table doesn't get too weathered. Great idea huh? Yup, another project :)

{trough needs ice}
Ready to Grill!?!?!

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