Thursday, May 8, 2014

Joining the Cult

Yup! I'm doing it.. I'm joining the Big Green Egg Cult! What did you think I was talking about?

Bought this beauty over the Easter weekend:

We've actually been able to use it already to make some jalapeno onion burgers and even smoked some ribs this past weekend.  I would say they both turned out very delicious, especially for a first time go at it. 

As you can see, we did the inaugural grilling with the BGE sitting on some pavers. So, naturally, the next project would be....? You got it! A table to set this grill/smoker in! And so my job was to build a table that can handle the weight of this 100+ lbs BGE (MEDIUM!!!) and still have enough room to hold all the necessary accessories. I was able to find set of plans on and made a couple of modifications for it to span the length of our chimney enclosure outside.

{first coat}

I used the 12x24 tiles that we had left over from the upstairs bathroom reno and used them as a plate setter on the top shelf and a heat barrier for the lower shelf. Four caster wheels were installed into the legs with the two on the BGE side having brakes on them. 

With all the boards screwed in and 3 coats of BEHR Redwood Semi-transparent Weatherproofing stain applied, it was time to see how my math modifications held up.

I would say that the table turned out nicely. Sarah would say that it looks a little orange!  Well, it's just an unintentional slip to support my Longhorns! I mean intentional slip!  

Remaining items that still need to be added to this table: a bottle opener with catcher for the chef hard at work, hooks for the different utensils, maybe a dowel rod installation for towels.  And maybe I'll install a pull-out tray beneath the lower shelf to store some of the BGE accessories, still to be decided upon.

Looks great yeah? Thanks, then will you come help me lift the BGE into this stand??

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