Monday, May 19, 2014

So Much for Man Cave!

Will I ever get a Man Cave? Maybe the Gameroom upstairs? Maybe not!

Just joking.  I never thought of having a Man Cave in this house of ours. If anything it'd be a separate barn house on a remote piece of land, decked out with all the amenities. Some day....

As for this house, we have pictures below showing the progress on the upstairs game room. The last update you saw were of the finished bathrooms and then of all the doors being spray-painted in the non-carpeted whole upstairs. Well before the carpet was installed we also painted the walls, Benjamin Moore Grey Owl, and made some modifications to the bookshelf. We removed the cabinets doors of the top level and created more open shelving. All of the bottom doors and drawers had new nickel hardware installed.  We also replaced the recessed light with an LED bulb for brighter lighting. As you can see in the below picture, even with the blinds fully open, it still didn't brighten up the area as much. The gloomy rainy day didn't help either.  

Also hung on the wall is a magnetic board for our son to play on. Yes, 9 months and he knows the alphabet - not really. You can also see the edge of the Pottery Barn train table sitting right there.

Moving further into the room, we have the mounted TV and entertainment center. See what I mean about lost Man Cave? Yeah the room is cluttered with toys. I won't show you what toys are on the other side of the room.  

Due to the studs behind the wall and the TV mount that Sarah bought, the TV is slightly off-centered. Joking again! We went with the non-traditional off-centered approach and are planning on flooding the walls on the side and top of the TV with picture frames. Luckily the opposite wall is big enough for us to move the sectional sofa to be centered with the TV. Those pictures are to come once we decide on the artwork for the wall above the sofa.

{game on!}
The remaining work on this room is at the top of Sarah's List, hopefully. On to the next one for me!

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