Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Prepping to ACE the weekend

We have planned so many things for the house that I'm sure each of us has come up with 3 to 4 priorities lists apiece. I gave up keeping track of lists, so I made a "master" list and just taped it to one of our walls.

{classy master shopping list}

On the right side of the butcher paper is the "To Do" list. I don't know if this has helped any, because come time for us to go shopping for supplies, Sarah sends me texts like this one:

{with the times master shopping list}

So much for just one list! Anyways, this shopping list took us to the block-away Aces Hardware (hence the ACE in the posting title?!?!) This trip required wood filler, spackle, sandpaper, and painting tape - everything we would need, plus the paint, to prep for the weekend painting.

{drywall and shelving prep-work}

Sarah's only job on the trip was to select the paint colors... from this array of choices:


I think we made some good choices.  Our master closet, also our half-bath, will be the Hale Navy - eggshell finish. And since we were at it, we also chose a paint color for the utility closet, Jade Garden - eggshell finish. The trimming and shelving in these three rooms will be the Simply White - high gloss finish. And, of course, we would find that the ceiling should be repainted also. For that, we also chose Simply White - flat finish for ceiling, go figure!

{decision made}

Now we need to add to the List: Make a Paint Chip Ring. But for now, we are off to filling in holes and patching up walls! Happy Painting Y'all!

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