Monday, August 12, 2013

Master Conquered

Well at least the master closet for now....

The weekend was spent painting and oh, some more painting. Mentioned in the previous post, we wanted to paint the other two rooms also, the half bath and utility closet, just so all the white would be painted at the same time. All of the blues were painted, and I finally was able to get to the white gloss of the master closet shelves last night at 6 pm. It took a while to maneuver a ladder around a half bath and the Jade Garden for the utility room took 2 to 3 coats to fully cover the walls.

The master closet took precedence in the white glossing due to the fact that Sarah may be giving birth any minute or second now, so we had to clear out our master bedroom as much as possible into the closet. And here's a sneak peak:

{all Hale the closet}

We replaced the light fixtures with two we picked up from Home Depot:


In a rush to get home because our King bed frame was being delivered to our house, we quickly picked out some bulbs for this fixture, and clearly (or unclearly?) we need brighter ones for this closet. Add it to the list! We don't want to bang our heads every time we're looking for clothes so we shortened the wire and took a couple of pieces off the fixture so we could make it as short as possible.  Or should we have left them long? Is that how we'd get the bright ideas?!?! Ok... I won't quit my daytime job!

Now on to the white trims and cabinets of the half bath and laundry room!

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