Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First on the List

And so the planning begins....

Sarah and I have planned and planned and planned several lists of priorities. Working around a set budget, we had decided to demolish and remodel the upstairs bathrooms first, a Jack and Jill bathroom and a Guest bathroom. One of the J&J rooms will be the crib room for our soon-to-be coming into this world son! And so while construction takes place upstairs, he will have to join us downstairs, temporarily in the office.

In all of this planning, we realize that Sarah and I will be inhabiting in the master bathroom. Duh!!! And in doing so, we need a Master Closet for all of our.... junk. I mean precious belongings. Slight re-arranging of plans has us moving to the top of our List:  Master Closet.

{Master Bathroom}

Yes, it IS a mirror closet sliding door!!!

Surprisingly, there is more space in there than I had originally thought. And so, our temporary quick and easy remodel for now is a paint job. The closet is intentionally closed for now, but we will reveal before and after pictures hopefully next weekend, barring any deliveries *wink*.

Stay tuned.

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