Thursday, August 8, 2013

New House Floor Plan

As Huynh and I laid in bed last night, trying to figure out which bath tub the access port in our master closet ceiling so uglily hid, we realized that we had no clue what rooms were directly above us. So, as a little rewind to get us back into the swing of things, and to help us get our own bearings, I decided to whip up a floor plan! I did this little jewel in Excel (#nerdalert) without measurements (#bloggerfail). Needless to say, this is not to scale but I will update it as we go along and are able to get those illusive floor measurements as we wrangle boxes and the like.

{floor plan}

The floor plan itself is actually what sold us on the house to begin with so any changes will be minimal at best. A considerable amount of the houses we were looking at before we snatched this one up were all 4 bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths and around the same square footage so when we saw this one with 3 full baths, we could not pass it up! We sacrificed some living room space (our current couch is laughable in the space), but we knew the extra bathroom would be well worth it. Some minor items on the overall list though include:
  • We would like to add french doors to the study; not only for privacy but with a door plus the existing closet and window, we would technically gain a fifth bedroom!
  • The passage between the living room and kitchen is pretty tight so we are considering knocking down part of the wall adjacent to the walkway for a bar counter and hopefully give the illusion of a more open kitchen.
  • Hopefully I can convince Huynh to add built-in banquette seating in the breakfast nook area. I've been pinning ideas like crazy so I bet I can get him on board soon.
But regardless, we are excited at the prospects! I promise we took pictures last night so we will be posting those soon - I also cannot wait to get the closet and laundry room ready to go, painted and unpacked. Baby Junior is due in 9 days so the single digit countdown has begun!

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