Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend, recap

We had quite the eventful weekend, though it was one of our shorter "weekends". My DRESS arrived early so I was able to pick it up, still hidden from Huynh's eyes. YAY!! Also, parents from both sides were able to meet this weekend. Mimi brought along her MOB dress as well as the flower girl dresses. Of course they are all beautiful and our flowers girls will be stinkin' adorable!  

Ah back to the parents... I would say it all went very smoothly. We squeezed 11+ people onto our formal dining table for 6! Many thanks to all the other siblings and relatives that attended - nothing but plenty of laughter, steak, cauliflower, grilled vegetables, and good ole 4th of July Cherry Pie.  Homemade Cherry Pie, with the assistance of Mimi, was a big hit, should have made more.

And since Huynh's parents were in town, we thought we'd kill two birds and finish the vietnamese invitations.

Saturday evening, we attended one of Huynh's cousin's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and many congratulations to Cambo and Trang! We had a lot of fun and I was able to meet a lot of Huynh's family from out of town. The last picture (track lighting installed) pertains to a project that Huynh has been working on and will be revealed soon enough. Stay tuned!

How was your weekend?

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