Thursday, July 5, 2012

And So It Begins...

The procrastinators in us have now reached the point where all of our wedding DIYs are sitting in our office or in our living room floor.  We haven't hosted any shindigs at our house in a while for this very reason, lack of entertaining room.


Yesterday we had a little bit of time to burn between visiting family and exciting games of bowling, so Huynh started on our letters.  We used the the adhesive spray that you can get from any Home Depot or craft store like Michael's and the moss and letters were ordered from Hobby Lobby.  

After 40 minutes of sitting on the living room floor, cutting moss, and sticky green mossed fingers, Huynh called it quits... for the day.  I'll switch off and work on the "H" since he worked on my initial!  We're hoping that when done, we can hang them on the front of the reception venue doors with 3" purple ribbons.  You'll see the end results in a couple of months!!

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