Monday, May 4, 2015

I Strayed

Yes we did say that we would stick to one project at a time, firstly the backyard. And so we re-painted a picnic bench, modified it for an umbrella, and built a table for my Big Green Egg. Does getting James a swing set also count?

Then here's the "but." My list was re-prioritized. The laundry room modifications snuck its way into the lead - wife initiated. Remember when I spent all that time to repaint the walls and cabinets/drawers and then changed out all the hardware? Well, here I am ripping out some cabinets and scraping up some tile and mortar.  The Home Depot floor scraper rental saved so much time, I was able to return it within two hours.


Here's the new tile that we selected with white grout.

{Octagon Dot}

We built up new shelving to replace what used to be the floor cabinets. The pipes were from Home Depot that I just spray painted a flat black. The shelving is pine boards that we stained a dark walnut. 


Needless to say, because the stain, we had to let the room air out for quite a while. Now, it's fully functional and I would say it's being used to its full capacity. 

I've strayed enough. I promise the next project will be backyard related... fingers crossed with rabbit foot in hand.

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