Thursday, May 7, 2015

Game On

I guess me hinting at Sarah to post updates about the Game Room only pawned the work onto myself. But first, here's a picture of the laundry room at it's full capacity:

{fully loaded}
Okay back to the Game Room!  There's still some more decor left to do (I think? Sarah has last say), but here's what we started with:
The teepee was something Sarah and I built for James as a Christmas Gift. Needless to say he was excited to receive his own private room.
{nice list}

In the corner, Sarah found some prints, framed them and hung them up:
"Bear" because there's a bear print that says I want to bear hug you! And then "bare" because the room is bare of decor? I guess when I have to explain it... not so funny. Okay back to it. We had yet to put anything above the couch. This debate went on for months until finally we were inspired by this Potty Barn use of oars/paddles:
{Merrily Merrily Merrily...}
And so off to Academy Sports and Outdoors and Home Depot (our go-to most of the time)! We sanded, primed, and taped the oars. Sarah roped off one of the oars and we then finished painting the designs. This took a span of a week or so, painting 5 minutes here and there and then letting a day pass before putting on a second, sometimes third coat.
 And here's how they look hung above the sectional with some d-hooks.
And then this is how the Game Room looks most of the time.


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